Joe Yates

Chief Photojournalist

POSTED: 05:14 PM MDT Sep 01, 2011    UPDATED: 02:40 PM MST Jan 30, 2014 

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I grew up in Colorado Springs and was lucky enough to get my first job in news here at KRDO in 1997. I worked in Denver for a short while, but I was glad to return home to the Springs. The more I travel, the more I appreciate the beauty and climate of my hometown.

Shooting news is a perfect fit for people like me that have a short attention span and a low threshold for boredom. If you like a lot of variety in your job, and the opportunity to meet people that you wouldn't ordinarily meet, including presidents, actors, athletes and ordinary people with extra ordinary stories, this is the job. As Chief Photographer, I can say that I am proud to be associated with the award winning photography staff here at KRDO. We try to deliver the best images that we can. I also believe that in our own way, we try everyday to bring the First Amendment to life.


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