One of the laws of physics is that energy always flows from warmer to colder areas. This is called conduction: Heat is conducted away from hot objects and towards cold objects. For example, when you sit down on a chair, heat flows from your body into the chair. Then if you stand up and touch the chair cushion a few minutes later, it will feel warm. This happens because of molecular movement. When you sit down on the chair, your body heat causes the molecules in the chair to start moving faster. Once they start moving, they hit other molecules nearby until all of the molecules near the top of the seat are moving and transferring heat throughout the entire object. Heat conduction only works through direct contact of solid objects. An example of this in your home would be in your flooring. If your floors are warm or heated, they will help warm up any furniture, carpets, or other objects touching the floors, which will in turn stabilize the heated temperature you've set for your rooms.