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POSTED: 05:13 PM MDT Sep 01, 2011    UPDATED: 03:11 PM MDT Sep 06, 2011 

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I started my career here at NEWSCHANNEL 13 five years ago. I'm a graduate of Pueblo Community College and this is my first job in television. I initially worked as a full-time videotape editor with the idea I might like to be a field photographer. However, after spending a year working closely with the news producers, I found my calling.

I'm glad that I started here at a time that allowed me to see the tail end of a unique era in Colorado Springs television. Working with our station's former owners, the Hoth family, as part of Southern Colorado's last family owned station was an honor. On the other hand, I'm also getting a chance to be a part of the company during an exciting period of new change.

I was born in Pueblo, but grew up in the East Bay near San Francisco. I returned to the area 10 years ago, and live in Pueblo to this day. I'm married with three young children, and I'm a self-avowed news junkie who splits his time in the car flipping between NPR and Sports Talk radio. Also, there is no bigger Bronco fan in this building.


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