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Dr. John Videos

Medical Monday March 23, 2015

Medical Monday March 23 2015

Dr John talks about aneurysms.

Dr. John: Virtual Housecall 3-16-15

Dr John Virtual Housecall 3-16-15

Dr. John: Virtual Housecall 3-16-15

Dr. John 03-12-15

Dr John 03-12-15

Dr. John talks about kids and fast food and a blood test for PTSD.

Dr. John: Virtual Housecall

Dr John Virtual Housecall

February 26, 2015

Dr. John: Virtual Housecall 2-24-15

Dr John Virtual Housecall 2-24-15

Dr. John discusses the benefits of yogurt, peanut allergies, sleep deprivation,

Dr. John: Virtual Housecall 2-19-15

Dr John Virtual Housecall 2-19-15

Dr. John discusses kids, fast food and obesity, genetic markers linked with PTSD,


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