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Frequently Asked Questions About KRDO

Where can I find KRDO, Channel 13's broadcast schedule? provides an updated schedule of all KRDO NewsChannel 13's programming here.

If I have a question or comment about a NEWSCHANNEL 13 Newscast, who do I contact?
For any questions or comments about a newscast or a particular story, please contact

How can I obtain a copy of a KRDO NewsChannel 13 news program or broadcast?
NEWSCHANNEL 13 provides copies of newscasts or specific stories that aired in our broadcast for $50 per newscast/story. If the video request is for legal purposes, we require a subpoena and additional fees may apply. To place an order call the newsroom at (719) 575-6285

You just gave out a number on the air for a particular story. How do I get that number?
If we have a phone number or web site to tell viewers about, we'll generally direct you to a story on our web site. Use's search in the top right corner and search for keywords to locate a specific story.

Where do I submit a news tip?
We appreciate your help in identifying local news stories. To provide our online and broadcast news teams with information about current or late-breaking news, please e-mail us at or call the newsroom at (719) 575-6285

How do I apply for a job or internship with KRDO, Channel 13?
For employment or internship opportunities at KRDO, Channel 13, please see our job listings here.

How do I send a comment about Closed Captioning?
If you have a question or concern about our closed captioning for KRDO or KTLO, you can call us at 719-632-1515 or e-mail We will make every effort to respond within 24 hours or one business day.

What has happened to an anchor or a reporter I no longer see on your broadcast?
We know you like to see familiar faces on KRDO-TV. We're sorry you're missing one of your favorite anchors or reporters. In our business as in many businesses, people leave for different reasons. We hope you'll continue to enjoy familiar faces and enjoy the new faces on KRDO.

How do I contact KRDO NewsChannel 13?
Please click here to have your question directed to the appropriate department.

What if I see a mistake or word spelled wrong on your website?
Please click here and send your comment to the Web department.


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