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Chick-fil-A sign

Alex Wong/Getty Images

Man loses 140 pounds on Chick-fil-A diet

When Denver, Colorado, resident Alton Ward was at Texas A&M University four years ago, he said he weighed 355 pounds despite trying diets such as Jenny Craig, Atkins, juice diets and every other thing, Valdosta Today reported.

Cannon House Office Building

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Unsafe lead levels found in House office building

Congressional staff and others are having to drink bottled water around the Capitol after unsafe lead levels were detected by Capitol staff in the Cannon House Office building this week.

Woman, Exercise At Home, Pilates


Study: Nap or exercise to improve your memory

Scientists have unlocked new secrets for boosting memory retention: One involves breaking a sweat, and the other involves taking a snooze.

Addyi female viagra

Sprout Pharmaceuticals

'Female Viagra' not covered by most insurance policies

Michelle Weber says that when her boyfriend wanted to take Viagra, his insurance paid for it, no questions asked.

LA Metro ad

Metro Los Angeles via CNN

New metro safety ads are darkly humorous

Don't let the pleasant narration and sunny surroundings of "Safetyville" fool you. The new Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority's public safety ads are not playing around.

Summer vacations - beach chairs

Patrick Moore/SXC

The grossest health concerns of summer

You are not the only one who thrives in the summer and loves its warm, long days. Bacteria and other microbes that cause food poisoning, diarrhea and just general grossness also flourish, threatening to make it a season to be sick.

Mosquito Zika virus

Public Domain

Can you get Zika twice?

Once you've had Zika, can you get it again? Scientists don't think so, but it's never been proved

Authorities release final report on Halloween shootings

Authorities release final report on Halloween shootings

Authorities ended an eight-month investigation Tuesday into actions taken by Colorado Springs police during a triple homicide on Halloween 2015.

Zika mosquito research

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Dems-GOP squabble stalls Zika funding

Efforts to combat the Zika virus stalled in the Senate Tuesday when Democrats blocked a $1.1 billion House-passed funding bill, escalating the political battle between the parties over how to respond to the looming public health crisis.

Guanabara Bay pollution


U.S. Olympic rowers' suits are anti-pollution

The U.S. Olympic rowing team will appear in seamless unisuits when they hit the bay waters of Rio de Janeiro this summer. Though many viewers will notice only the second-skin fit, these innovative suits will also be providing much-needed protection a...

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