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Medical Assistance

Jan from Fountain: "I was hoping to get more information on how you can get mammograms if you are uninsured."

Although there are a variety of organizations that provide free mammograms from time to time, there are a few resources that should be very helpful. The first is your county's public health department. Workers there can usually point you in the direction of free or low cost screenings. The other is your local community health center. But statewide, your best bet is the Women's Wellness Connection at or phone number 1-866-951-9355 (WELL). The important point is to not put off this important screening tool for financial reasons since there are ways to get free or low cost screenings.

Carlos from Colorado Springs: "My aunt was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer. When she was hospitalized, she did not have insurance and now has an enormous bill due. No insurance carrier will touch her now. She needs chemotherapy to live and with no insurance, she cannot afford it. What options are available to help her?"

Your best option is to have your aunt connect with a local community health center. They are in place and receive funds to take care of those with low incomes. To find one in your area, you can go to or call 303-861-5165.

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