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Pauline writes: "I heard drinking lemon water can make you lose weight and it helps your thyroid. Is this true and if it is, how much water and lemon should you drink?"

We are now finding out more and more about what signals our bodies give us to let us know we're hungry. The hope is that by identifying these signals, researchers will be able to design medication that could reduce the hunger signal, helping us not eat as much. So far, the search for the ideal weight loss pill still goes on. But one thing they've found out is that sometimes when we think we are hungry we are in fact just thirsty. So by drinking water, with or without lemons, you can sometimes calm down that hunger signal. Also, by having water in the stomach, stretching it out a bit, you also receive less hunger signals. Both of these can help you eat less.

Phyllis from Colorado Springs: "I have been participating in the Metabolic Research Center's weight loss program for about a year. I have lost a good amount of weight, but last time I went in for a weigh-in, I asked how to get rid of my belly fat. I am working out doing cardio, weight training and abdominal work, plus dieting. I was offered pills and creams that would increase my testosterone levels and help me lose more belly fat. Is it safe to take pills that increase testosterone levels and does that really help people lose belly fat?"

Testosterone is the current popular trend in the weight loss area. Whit it is true that low testosterone can cause problems, so too can high levels of this hormone. Using it for weight loss is still very controversial. Although it can aid in weight loss in some specific incidences, it can also contribute to long term health problems. Your best bet is to talk with your doctor about getting your testosterone levels measured. If they are in the normal range, chances are you're doing more harm than good. If the levels are abnormal, you and your doctor can have a discussion about the good and bad of testosterone therapy.

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