Colorado Springs to get new Children's Hospital

Colorado Springs to get new...

COLORADO SPRINGS - A new hospital is coming to Colorado Springs, and it's geared toward helping your kids.

Members of the media were able to check out the plot that will soon be the Children's Hospital Colorado- Colorado Springs on Tuesday.

This was a need for the community to cater to the individual needs of children throughout Colorado Springs.

The mission of this hospital is to provide care closer to home for those that need it most.

The families in the community have also been a vital part of bringing this dream to life.

“The excavation started in the parking lots as the visual manifestation of all the hard work that our team members and our family members in the community have put into designing this new hospital," said Greg Raymond, regional vice president of Children’s.

The project is expected to cost around $154 million before the finalization of some of the design elements.  

The hospital is set to open in early 2019. 

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