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Popular senior-care and flu agency closes doors

Visiting Nurses Association Closes Springs Office

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The Visiting Nurses Association office in Colorado Springs is closed.

The agency sent out termination letters on Thursday, according to the VNA office in Denver.

"I was sick. I was just sick. What am I going to do? I don't have three months saved up in the bank," said one employee.

Between 40 and 50 employees, some occasional and seasonal- were notified that Feb. 11 will be their last day.

The employee said the agency is best known for its senior citizen and veteran home care, as well as its flu-shot clinic.

"I have World War II vets I take care of every day," said the employee.

Those veterans and other patients won't be forced to find their own health care. According to the employee, the district manager is helping to transfer patients to other agencies, but it's a process the employee said will not be easy.

"The patients don't understand. Half of these people are in their 80s. You are there for them every day. They're extended parts of family for you," said the employee.

The VNA office in Denver released this statement on Tuesday:

"With the support of our Board of Directors, the Visiting Nurses Association has made an extremely difficult decision to close its doors in Colorado Springs. Our patients in Colorado Springs are of utmost concern and the agency will be retaining staff for two weeks to ensure a smooth transition for VNA patients to other homecare agencies. For several years we have been experiencing increased competition which led to a downturn in business in the Colorado Springs office for both home care and wellness services. Our flu shot distribution in particular has decreased 75% over the last several years due to widespread availability of flu shots via other sources. We realize that the impact of this announcement on the agency, employees and their families is significant. Moving forward, VNA will focus on the Denver metro area and we are actively recruiting for clinical and related positions to support the work of the Denver office." It was signed by the VNA Director of Human Resources Kim Robinson.

VNA will continue limited services to Colorado Springs. Several part-time wellness care nurses will be retained in the Colorado Springs area to provide foot care services to the following clinics:

Colorado Springs Senior Center, Colorado Springs, CO
Inn at Garden Plaza, Colorado Springs, CO
Sundridge Retirement, Colorado Springs, CO
Monument Senior Center at Lewis Palmer High School, CO
West Center for International Leaning, Colorado Springs, CO

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