Northgate residents prepared for evacuation

Wildfire threatens north Colorado Springs neighborhood Thursday

Northgate Residents Return Home

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A mandatory evacuation order because of the Black Forest Wildfire apparently caused little concern for affected homeowners in the Northgate area of north Colorado Springs.

The order came late Thursday afternoon when the fire threatened to cross Highway 83.  However, affected residents returned home when the order was lifted Friday.

Homeowners quickly but calmly packed necessities and valuables.  Many people said they'd already prepared in advance as experts advise.  Most residents said they planned to stay in hotels and motels or visit friends and relatives in town.

"It was just too close to home," said homeowner Doris Jeffers.

"I couldn't believe it happened," said neighbor Ben Ortiz.

Neighbor Clayton Dorny has six children, and said they handled the evacuation well.

"They worried about if we could bring a TV to watch movies," he said.

A strong police presence in the neighborhood insured that no one violated the evacuation order.

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