Petition drive nearly complete for missing child's family

Abeyta family seeks public pressure for grand jury in 1986 case

Family of Missing Child Using Petition to Seek Justice

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The Colorado Springs family of missing Christopher Abeyta plans to use his 28th birthday this month as the date to present District Attorney Dan May with a petition calling for a grand jury to indict a suspect.

The Abeytas said they have collected more than 2,200 online signatures.  They intend to give the petition to May on Nov. 28.

"That should have some influence, I would think, on (May) -- that the public wants this, along with his family and Christopher," said Christopher's mother, Bernice.  "I think (authorities) are afraid of failing.  But I will tell you right now, this won't fail.  What we have (for evidence) , I've seen less against people that have been convicted."

A suspect has not been identified in the case.  The Abeytas say they believe they know who the suspect is -- a woman who allegedly had an affair with Christopher's father.  The woman has repeatedly denied any involvement.

Christopher was seven months old when he was taken from the family's home on Ashwood Circle the night on June 15, 1986, as he was sleeping in his crib.

Bernice Abeyta said she failed two lie detector tests after her son's disappearance, but only because she was stressed and upset at the time.  She said she and her family have done everything they can to prove they're innocent.

The Abeytas believe Christopher is still alive and hope to reunite with him soon.

"Uncles, aunts and grandparents are dying," said Bernice Abeyta.  "It's just not fair (if) we don't get Christopher his hearing.  He deserves that, not only for his family, but Christopher deserves it."

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