Colorado Springs tastes Chipotle's new queso

Colorado Springs tastes Chipotles new...

COLORADO SPRINGS - Chipotle is trying to come back from recent struggles by adding queso to its menu, and Colorado was one of the lucky states to get the first batch.

Chipotle tested the item in New York City and rolled it out to more than 350 restaurants including Colorado on Tuesday.

And it's no accident Colorado was chosen as one of the test states.

"Colorado is the home state for Chipotle, so a lot of things happen for us first which we are super thankful and lucky to be a part of. It's one of our biggest responses obviously for people who love to eat at Chipotle here in Colorado. So, it's a great place to try it out for them for the next couple of weeks," said Emily Spriet, general manager of a local Chipotle.

The queso is only a temporary menu item, but if tests are successful, it will be permanently added to the menu later this year.

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