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Colorado Springs Utility educating residents on natural gas safety

Natural gas safety as temps drops

COLORADO SPRINGS - Colorado Springs Utilities held a meeting on Tuesday about natural gas safety.

Natural gas doesn't have any odor but a chemical is added to it to give it that rotten egg smell.

Gas Operations Superintendent Bob Greene says it's important to look out for the three “S.”

1. The rotten egg Smell

2. The Sight of dead vegetation and or bubbling water near your natural gas meter

3.  A hissing Sound near the meter

"Doorbell ringing is enough to ignite if the mixture is at the right level. A doorbell, a ringing telephone," said Greene.
Greene added that if you smell natural gas, get out of your house immediately and call 448-4800, and someone will come out and inspect your home immediately.

Colorado Springs Utilities will be going around checking 1,800 homes and businesses and will notify you if they will be inspecting your area.

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