Dog's rooftop hangout goes viral

AUSTIN, Texas - A golden retriever's casual hang out spot has passerbys making a double take in Austin, Texas. 

Pictures of Huckleberry sitting on top of the roof of his home has surfaced on the social media world and people are amazed. 

ABC News interviewed Sarafina Nance, who lives in the same neighborhood as Huck. She couldn't believe the first time she saw him peering down at her from the rooftop. 

“I was on a walk with my puppy and we were a couple blocks away from my apartment and my puppy kept pulling on the leash and looking up,” Nance told ABC News. “And I finally looked up and I saw this dog looking down on me from this roof.”ABC News reached out to Huck's owners, Allie

Burnitt and Justin Lindenmuth, and they said the often have people knocking on their door to tell them that Huck was in danger.


So they posted a sign on their door that says  in part, “We appreciate your concern but please do not knock on the door … We know he’s up there! But please feel free to take pictures of him and share with the world! #hucktheroofdog”

Burnitt and Lindenmuth have consider their pup to be the "official greeter" at their house.

Huck's happy place has made him an Instagram star. His antics have gained him nearly 6,000 followers. 

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