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Keep your home buyer-ready with these cleaning tips

When listing your home for sale it’s important to keep it in good shape for when prospective buyers want to tour the house.

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Relationship status can affect when, where homes bought

According to the National Association of Realtors, a person’s relationship status may affect where they buy a home and how much they spend.

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What to expect from tenant turnover cleaning services

Find out how rental properties are prepared for their next tenants.

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Does Starbucks signal higher home values?

Arrival of Starbucks seems to spur higher-valued home development

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5 ways to increase the value of your home

Is your home not worth what you thought it was? Consider making some updates to increase its value.

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Add value to your home by adding a garage

Find out how adding a garage to your home can help increase your home's value.

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When’s the most popular day to list a new home?

Find out when the most popular days and months to list a new home for sale are.

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Marriage no longer comes before a mortgage

According to, people are no longer waiting for marriage to buy a house.

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