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Understand home inspections

Find out why home inspections are important when buying and selling a home.

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Townhouse market expected to rebound

For those who own townhouses and have been looking to put them on the market, the Realtors Confidence Index Survey provided some optimism.

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Inspect for termites before buying a home in the spring

While spring is the busiest time of the year for buying homes, it's also a busy time for pests like termites. Find out what to look for to make sure the home you're buying doesn't have termite damage.

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What is the most affordable town in your state?

Which town in your state has the most affordable houses? Find out here.

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Keep your home buyer-ready with these cleaning tips

When listing your home for sale it’s important to keep it in good shape for when prospective buyers want to tour the house.

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Relationship status can affect when, where homes bought

According to the National Association of Realtors, a person’s relationship status may affect where they buy a home and how much they spend.

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What to expect from tenant turnover cleaning services

Find out how rental properties are prepared for their next tenants.

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Does Starbucks signal higher home values?

Arrival of Starbucks seems to spur higher-valued home development

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