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House, windows

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Customize your home's exterior with siding

In the past, the options for customizing the exterior features of a house may have been few and far between. But today, everything from siding to roofing is available in a wide range of styles, colors and designs.

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House, windows

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When building, choose smart when picking out windows

Get tips on how to pick out the right products for your home, including windows and doors.

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What is the most affordable town in your state?

Which town in your state has the most affordable houses? Find out here.

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How to find the right Realtor for you

One of the most important steps in selling your home is to find the right Realtor. Use these tips to help find the right person to sell your home.

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Home selling: Which fixes are worth it to lure buyers?

Find out which home improvement projects are worth it when selling your home.

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How to save for a down payment

How can you save up the money needed for a down payment? Use these tips for help.

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Must-have items to include when building a home

When looking over blueprints and shopping for materials, make sure you include these items in your new home.

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Tips for negotiating the best price on your new home

See if you can use these negotiating tips to lower the asking price of your new home.

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