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What to know before you refinance your home

With lower interest rates available, home owners might be tempted to refinance their mortgages.

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Marriage no longer comes before a mortgage

According to, people are no longer waiting for marriage to buy a house.

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What your home needs to attract young home buyers

When selling your home, make sure it includes these items to attract young buyers.

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7 things homeowners want their homes to have

Most people can find at least one thing in their homes they’d like to change.

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Avoid common home buying and selling mistakes

Who would go into a job interview without preparing or take a road trip across the U.S. without a map?

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How to prepare your home for renters

As homeowners are waiting for the housing market to continue to improve, many are opting to rent out their homes instead of putting them up for sale.

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Who should be on commercial real estate team?

When deciding to purchase a commercial real estate property, a team of experts are assembled in addition to the buyer.

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Walkable urban communities important to real estate...

Realtors are learning the importance of walkable urban communities when it comes to real estate development.

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