The Colorado Springs Fire Department says a natural gas leak caused a house explosion that sent two people to the hospital.

The house is at 4797 Chaparral Road, near the intersection of Powers Boulevard and Barnes Road.  Witnesses reported hearing an explosion around noon on Friday (11/8/13), then seeing flames and smoke.

"It shook (my house)," said neighbor Linda Graham of the explosion.  "Initially, I thought it was a plane crash because we had fighter jets going over."

Two people were injured by the explosion and resulting two alarm fire. They were taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

On Thursday (11/14/13), fire investigators announced that the cause of the explosion has been ruled accidental.

Investigators say the explosion was caused by a natural gas line that was not secured properly within the home. The valve at the end of the line was open and began leaking gas into the utility room. Several explosions occurred when the leaking gas found an ignition source.

Firefighters say the home is a total loss.