2 men found guilty in Colorado Springs murders

Each sentenced to three life terms

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Two Colorado Springs men were found guilty of first-degree murder Wednesday for the deaths of three people.

Police said Richard Spanks and Haywood Miller are responsible for killing a 21-year-old man, and then two women three days later in November 2016. The first killing happened at an apartment complex on Carmel Drive, and the second was at a home on Mosswood Lane.

Wednesday they were found guilty of three counts of murder and a slew of other charges, including attempted murder, assault, menacing, and aggravated motor vehicle theft.

Thursday they were both sentenced to three life terms without parole and dozens of years for the other crimes.

Before sentencing, the victims' family members described the pain the murders caused and asked for the maximum sentence.

Jacqueline Cline's sister cried as she talked about how her 7-year-old nephew has to grow up without his mother because of senseless violence.

Victoria Loftis' best friend remembered her funny, generous personality and said there was a void that could never be filled.

And Marcus William's mother said she forgave the killers, even though they took her best friend.

Marcus Williams, 21, Jacqueline Cline, 33, and Victoria Loftis, 23 died of gunshot wounds.

"One of them was still breathing and he went back and finished her up and shot her again and killed her," a neighbor said.

Court papers confirm that a witness heard 10 gunshots.

The judge had harsh words for the killers, saying this was one of those cases that reminded him that legal justice doesn't match the justice these families deserve.

He sentenced Spanks to three life terms plus 43 years, and Miller to three life terms plus 86 years.

Loftis' aunt spoke after the sentencing, saying she was relieved the men would spend the rest of their lives in prison, but still wished for more.

"I wish they could have gotten the death penalty," Bobbi Loftis said. "They don't deserve to live... that's too good for them."

Spanks had also fled to Arizona before being brought back to El Paso County. Spanks has a lengthy criminal history including menacing with a weapon and drug possession.

This is a developing story, check back for updates.

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