Axios Youth Facility Suspending Operations

Friday's The Day!

POSTED: 02:30 AM MDT May 30, 2012    UPDATED: 06:15 AM MDT May 30, 2012 

Axios Youth Community is suspending operations as of Friday, June 1. An Axios staffer and parents of one boy who was treated there for the past six months confirmed it to me. Axios treats boys for behavioral and psychological problems at its Green Mountain Falls, facility. The Mother of one young boy opened up to me about what she saw at the facility.

I've changed their names to Doris and Bill. Doris says her son was treated at the facility for the past six months. Bill is now home with her and her husband. He and the other boys at Axios will be getting treatment at home or be placed in other facilities. Doris told me, "I was concerned about the day to day living at the facility, health, hygiene, that sort of thing." Doris said she felt the cabins that Bill and the other boys lived in were in a state of disrepair. I asked, What's your reaction to the closure?" Doris replied, "I'm surprised that it's happening so quickly." Doris felt Axios had other problems that she thought they were working to take care of, immediately including hiring practices. You'll recall that former Axios Program Director, Michael Broadnax for the now closed girls facility is accused of sexually assaulting a 13 year old client. Broadnax is free on bond.

Doris did have kudos for the clinical treatment her son Bill was receiving at Axios. She also said, "His schooling was very good and he was improving in class."

I've put calls in to Axios President Tom Avramis numerous times for his reaction and if Axios will ever reopen its doors to clients . Here is a written response I received from Axios, Wednesday afternoon: "Axios Youth Community has cooperated and fully complied with the ongoing investigation that led to the recent arrest of ex-Employee, Michael Broadnax. We are hurt and very disturbed by the allegations that have been made. Our heartfelt sympathies go out to the men, women and youth who have been affected by this unfortunate matter. Axios has informed child placement agencies we work with that as of Friday June 1, 2012, we will be scaling down our operations at the facility in order to retool and defend the agency against unfounded accusations. We are appreciative of the overwhelming support we have received from the community these past 18 years and are committed to continuing life changing work and making a dramatic positive difference in the lives of youth."

I also asked Doris, "Is Bill relieved, knowing now that he's out of the facility and Axios is suspending operations?" Doris said, "Yes, he wanted to come home."