A small grass fire in Cheyenne Canyon is quickly put out but it may take a while to determine why it began.

Around 4:30 pm Friday, fire fighters found a car in flames off Old Stage Road. The fire had spread to nearby brush but only scorched about one-tenth of an acre before it was put out.

No one was inside the car or around the vehicle, according to fire fighters.

"It was on a turn in the road, it was upright but its about 50 to 100 feet down from the side of the road completely burned out," said Derek Wheeler, a battalion chief with the Colorado Springs Fire Department.

Broadmoor Fire and El Paso County Fire also responded to the call.

Firefighters credit the weather for keeping the fire at bay until they arrived.

Wheeler said even just light winds could have spread the fire quickly especially given the extremely dry conditions this fall in the Colorado Springs area.

No homes were near the fire, which began off the dirt road section of Old Stage.

Firefighters said both their investigators and police will look into how that car ended up were it did and on fire. At this point the car owner's identity remains unknown.