Two stabbings in less than six days are raising concerns in a downtown business block.

On Nov. 21, Andria Beauvias said a homeless man was stabbed in the alley next to her office on East Kiowa in Colorado Springs.  "The one guy was going back and forth screaming," she described.

The other incident happened on Nov. 27 in the same alley.  Police said a man was stabbed several times after an apparent fight. 

"We're worried, scared," said business owner Lilli.  Lilli, who asked us not use her last name, said women are now walking in pairs to their cars.  She added the blood evidence left behind from both incidents are constant reminders of what happened.

"It really makes you nervous.  I look before getting out of my car and am definitely more aware of my surroundings," said Beauvias. 

Beauvias and Lilli are both worried the criminal element will keep customers from shopping on the block.

No one has been arrested in connection to the stabbings.