Fremont County Court Investigation Finds More Sentencing Mistakes

Mireya Garcia, Telemundo Anchor/NC13 Reporter, Twitter: @Mireya_G,
POSTED: 06:23 PM MDT Apr 09, 2013 

An internal investigation found two more sentencing mistakes at the same courthouse that let accused killer Evan Ebel out early.

The 11th Judicial District in Fremont County said it fixed the problem, but refused to go into details.

District Attorney Thom LeDoux said the courts didn't tell him about the other mistakes. He learned about them from KRDO NewsChannel13.

LeDoux offered to help the court with a review when the mistake that let Evan Ebel out early came to light, but judicial officials never responded to his offer.

For its review, the court looked at cases similar to Ebel's over the last five years. The 11th judicial district continues to call the mistakes isolated, but LeDoux is not sure if he agrees.

“The problem is isolated. Obviously, it becomes less isolated when you find multiple incidents, but we still have faith in the court system and the clerk’s office,” said LeDoux.

11th Judicial District officials refused to do an interview, but in a statement said the errors were minor and have been fixed.