Ft. Carson Holding Hearing On Death Of Boy, 2

POSTED: 01:36 AM MDT May 15, 2012    UPDATED: 05:35 AM MDT May 15, 2012 

Fort Carson is holding an Article 32 hearing for Pfc. Jason Price. He is facing one count of premeditated murder in the death of his 2-year-old nephew.

An Article 32 hearing is a pretrail proceeding used in determining whether there is sufficient evidence for court-martial proceedings.

Louis Suazo, a criminal investigator intern at the time of the alleged murder, testified to what Price's 4 year-old nephew witnessed.

The boy told Suazo that he saw Price throw 2-year-old Kevin on the kitchen floor after he had knocked over some candles. The 4-year-old said his brother was foaming at the mouth and fell asleep. Then, Price put him in bed, according to the boy.

Hours later, Kevin was taken to a hospital and was not responding. He later died.

The Article 32 hearing will listen to more witnesses for both the prosecution and defense. It could take up to three days before it is determined whether there is sufficient evidence.