High Stress May Be The New Normal

POSTED: 01:39 AM MST Jan 12, 2012    UPDATED: 01:48 AM MST Jan 12, 2012 

Think you're stressed?

Even if you are, a new survey finds that Americans are reporting less stress than they were a few years ago.

The survey by the American Psychological Association finds that folks did not report as much stress last year as they did in 2007.

While no one knows for sure, experts believe that high stress could have now become the new normal.

Seventy-five percent of respondents cited a lack of money as a stressor.

Two-thirds also mentioned work stress.

Women report higher levels of stress than men; but men are more likely to develop stress related illness like heart disease, depression, and even obesity.

Those living in the western part of the country report the best stress management.

The eastern part of the country reports the highest stress levels, most likely due to the high cost of living and competitive careers.