Landscaper lists ways to protect your home from flooding

POSTED: 03:38 PM MDT Jul 10, 2012    UPDATED: 12:44 PM MDT Jul 11, 2012 

Flooding is one of the most common hazards in the United States, according the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

With the Waldo Canyon wildfire, it is now a serious risk in parts of southern Colorado.

The fire has dramatically changed the landscape, presenting risk of debris flow and flooding. Hillsides once protected by vegetation have been compromised and precipitation will have unknown effects on the landscape.

Kevin Schramek, owner of Schramek Landscape Materials, said there are cheap and easy ways homeowners can prevent erosion on their properties.

One tool homeowners can use is a waddle roll.

"A waddle roll is a nine-inch roll. It's packed with straw about 25 feet long. You stick the rolls every 15 feet and that will hold sediment in areas eroding away," said Schramek.

"It'll try and prevent the water from eating out the ground underneath."

Erosion blankets are also a great tool to use, said Schramek.

"These blankets come in 10-feet wide sections, 112 feet long. You staple them down over the top of seed. It will hold moisture, plus it will hold seed when it does rain and it will prevent erosion," he said.

The cost of straw waddle rolls start at $25. Erosion blankets are around $50.

Schramek said it's a small price to pay for erosion.

He also said he will be giving special prices to those affected by the Waldo Canyon fire.

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