Here is a list of the current evacuations for the Waldo Canyon Fire:


In Teller County:

1. East of State Highway 24 from Crystola to Baldwin Street/Rampart Range Road to the Teller County Border at Loy Creek.

2. West of Highway 24 and South of Aspen Garden Way, Rodeo Way, Ranch Drive, Mane Street, CR 231/West Street intersecting Highway 24, West on Highway 24 to Edlowe Road, and South on Edlowe Road, to include the subdivisions of Ranch Estates and Holiday Hills

3. All residences North of a line from Crystola to Catamount Estates (off of CR 281)
Evacuation Shelter is being established at the Cripple Creek and Victor High School.

In Colorado Springs:

· West of 30th Street from Gateway Road to Centennial

· Mountain Shadows

· Perregrine

-Green Mountain Falls

-Chipita Park


-Farish and Carrol Lake areas off Rampart Range Rd.

-Mountain Shadows Subdivision south of Chuck Wagon

-Residents West of 30th from Gateway to Chuck Wagon

Pre-Evacuation Status:

- West of I-25, south of Douglas County Line Rd

- Cedar Heights subdivison

In Teller County:

- The remainder of the City of Woodland Park city limits that have not been previously evacuated.

- All areas East of CR25 (a.k.a. Tranquil Acres Road and Mocks) to Blossom Road, including the subdivision of Tranquil Acres, North to the intersection of Forest Service Roads 357 and 357b, North on FSR 357 to CR 78 (a.k.a. Painted Rocks Road), North to the Douglas County Line.

Areas Closed:

-Westbound Highway 24 closed at Cave of the Winds

-Eastbound Highway 24 closed at Crystal Creek.