The Pueblo County Sheriff's Department is investigating a homicide on Hog Farm Road.

Investigators say 45-year-old Dennis Pratt III believed people had been stealing radiators, batteries, and copper from his property over the past few days.  In an attempt to catch these thieves, he and his two adult sons hid on the property Tuesday night, authorities said. 

Pratt told investigators that he observed illumination from two flashlights entering his property.  Pratt said he saw two young men on his property between two junk vehicles.  He aimed to the left of one of the flashlights in an attempt to scare the alleged thieves away.  The bullet hit one of the men in the chest, ultimately killing him.  The 20-year-old unidentified victim died at the scene.  The other person was served with a trespassing summons.

Pratt is under arrest facing a manslaughter charge.  He is currently being held without bond in Pueblo County Detention Facility.

Officers say it's too early to tell if this will be a "Make My Day" case, where deadly force can be used by a homeowner.