First and foremost, head and brain size do not correlate with intelligence. In other words, having a large brain doesn't make someone smarter anymore than having a small brain makes them less intelligent. As for making your head larger, there is nothing you can do. Like most body parts, we live with what we are born with.

Kathie from Colorado Springs: "Every time I'm in the sun, I get these red, itchy bumps that are almost painful. They are not concentrated in one area. I am being treated for eczema on my elbows, but these are different and very itchy. Any ideas?"

Although it is difficult to diagnose any rash without actually seeing it, you do offer a couple of clues. Number one, you have a history of other rashes like eczema. Number two, you seem to only get the rash when exposed to the sun. If this happens only in areas that are exposed to the sun, I would think about a condition known as "photosensitivity reaction." With this type of reaction people break out in red, raised, itchy bumps or even hives when they are exposed to sunlight. A couple of things that might help are covering up skin areas when in sunlight and using a sunscreen with exposure might also help. If you do develop these spots, treating them with an over the counter anti-itch cream might help relieve symptoms. Like most conditions, if it gets worse, doesn't resolve or is accompanied by fever or pain, then you should be checked by a health care provider soon.