Natural Gas Week brings attention to dangers

POSTED: 10:37 AM MDT Oct 09, 2012    UPDATED: 07:43 PM MDT Oct 08, 2012 

Oct. 7-13 is Public Natural Gas Week, and Colorado Springs Utilities said it is important to remind people that there are dangers associated with the gas.

According to Jessica Nesvold, the senior gas regulations compliance engineer with Colorado Springs Utilities, the gas is safe when sealed in pipes and burned properly. She added that there are dangers if the gas begins to leak from faulty pipes or is burned inefficiently.

Nesvold said a leak can cause air to become flammable, and “if it continues in an enclosed space, you may then have a potential for explosion.”

According to CSU, here are a few ways to detect a gas leak:

If you detect a gas leak, here is what CSU recommends:

If natural gas is burned inefficiently, it can produce carbon monoxide.

“Basically what is happening is you don’t have enough air to burn all of the natural gas correctly, and so then you are going to be producing carbon monoxide,” said Nesvold.

Carbon monoxide can be emitted from appliances like stoves, fireplaces, driers, furnaces and hot water heaters.

To reduce the risk of carbon monoxide exposure, CSU suggests residents:

CSU strongly encourages its more than 180,000 customers to have an inspector check their pipes and appliances annually to prevent any of these issues from occurring.

For further information, contact CSU at 719-448-4800 or visit its website.