The Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments is using Google Earth technology to open the lines of communication with the public. 

“One of the big challenges the government has and PPACG has is getting information out to the public in a way they can understand it,” said Jim Godfrey, chairman of PPACG’s Citizen Advisory Committee.

The 3-D mapping technology is embedded into PPACG’s website and allows taxpayers to see transportation projects in more detail. 

"Some people are visual and pictures are worth a thousand words," said Godfrey.

It’s the only 3-D model being used in the country, according to PPACG.

Regional Transportation Director, Craig Casper, said this technology will save time and money on construction and open improve communication with the public. 

“If we can show projects in the long-range plan earlier on, we can work out issues in the inventory years before we being implementation,” said Casper. 

Casper said the goal is to make projects better for the region.

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