Pueblo Zoo welcomes new baby

POSTED: 06:21 PM MDT Apr 14, 2013 
Pueblo Zoo baby Takin
PUEBLO, Colo. -

A new addition arrived at the Pueblo Zoo. The zoo is welcoming a baby Sichuan takin.

Often referred to as a "goat antelope, " Sichuan takin are found in the Eastern Himalayas of Tibet. The Pueblo Zoo said they can grow up to 51 inches tall at the shoulder and weigh up to 770 pounds. They are covered in thick golden wool and have small horns that turn up at the end. 

This is the first kid for dad, Dananren, and mom, Tashi.

She was born on Saturday March 29 weighing 20 pounds. Dananren,

Tashi, and the kid are on exhibit at the Pueblo Zoo.