Seconds count when you get a call that someone you know is threatening suicide.  Captain John Rigsbee got the call at the end of January at his home.   A fellow soldier was holed up at his residence, "The service member had barred himself in the bathroom with a weapon threatening to kill himself."  

Captain Rigsbee and others got to the Fort Carson soldier's home to make sure he didn't end his life, "It was two hours of trying to talk him down and taking the gun from his head."  Captain Rigsbee and another man stayed the first night with the soldier to make sure he was in a good safe place and wouldn't try to harm himself.  Captain Rigsbee told me, "I think it's something people should do, not only as a part of a job but as part of being a decent human being that's what we should do."  

Staff Sgt Victor Descartes is also with the Second BCT and was in the room watching Captain Rigsbee defuse this tense situation, "Watching him deal with the situation, he seemed calm and poised.  He's someone I look up to as a real good role model."

Captain Rigsbee brushes off the label of hero that's been put on him because of what he did, "I'm just happy to know that another soldier was still there the next day.  Just glad he was safe and no one got hurt."

That soldier who threatened suicide received counseling and is now back on the job.  Pressures of deployment were part of the mix that almost ended his life. 

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