Sen. Udall Discusses Jobs In Pueblo

POSTED: 08:45 AM MDT Sep 21, 2011    UPDATED: 05:57 AM MDT Sep 04, 2011 
PUEBLO, Colo. -

Millions of Americans are still unemployed and the numbers coming out in August didn?t offer any hope.

There were no new jobs created in August.

Senator Mark Udall was in Pueblo Sunday morning to march in the Festival Days Parade.

Some said they hope he was able to take a close look at the amount of people who are still without a job.

?I know people who have a bachelors degree and they haven't found a job in, I want to say in ... two years,? said Amber Miranda. She has a job, but knows plenty who don?t.

Udall said putting people to work is in his job description.

?My jobs is to really focus to getting everyone back to work. Every Coloradoan ought to have a job, if they want a job,? said Udall.

This past month proved it isn?t that easy. In August, no new jobs were created.

?The big hold up is that we have to work together, instead of focusing on what the differentiates two political parties we ought to look into areas that we agree,? said Udall.

The unemployment rate held steady at 9.1 percent.

?There is only 1 word that we ought to be aware of and that's jobs, jobs, jobs,? said Udall.

A simple word that could be used to measure the country?s economic success.

?I am somebody that believes one way to get people back to work is to invest in renewable energy, and we see that happening at Vestas,? said Udall.

For Miranda, the solution is making sure the people she voted into office live up to their promises.

?If they were able to talk to people and understand their situation then maybe they would understand where people are coming from,? said Miranda.

Senate resumes legislative session on Tuesday.