States try to get Colorado company that makes gun accessories

POSTED: 03:12 PM MDT Mar 29, 2013 
JUNEAU, Alaska -

Alaska is joining an effort to try to woo a Colorado company that has threatened to leave that state over new firearm restrictions.
Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper has signed bills that require background checks for private and online gun sales and ban ammunition magazines that hold more than 15 rounds.
Magpul Industries, which manufactures firearms accessories and ammunition magazines, has said it would have "no choice" but to leave if the magazine bill was signed.
That created an opening for states eager to prove they're more gun-friendly.
Alaska House Speaker Mike Chenault sent a letter to the president and CEO of Magpul. Chenault said Alaskans don't feel the actions taken by Colorado's government were appropriate.

In New Hampshire, conservative Republicans have sent letters wooing two gun companies that have voiced frustration with proposed gun laws that they say could hurt business.

Facebook pages are encouraging Magpul to settle in places like Alabama, West Virginia or Texas.