Too many deer versus car crashes

Why so many in November?

POSTED: 06:01 PM MST Nov 05, 2012 

There is a one two punch reason why there are so many deer versus car smashups in November.  It's deer mating season is the first reason.  Michael Seraphin with Parks and Wildlife tells me, "Bucks are chasing does.  Bucks are fighting with other bucks and they are not paying any attention at all."  Seraphin says the most obvious safety tip is one that is actually the best.  He says, "When you see one deer be careful.  They travel in groups. Pay attention, slow down and avoid the collision in the first place." 

Mike Reece is with Maaco. He's been in the auto repair industry for 18 years.  He showed me a slide show of vehicles his staff has worked on, post deer crashes. One that was most compelling to me was a Ford Focus that had too close of an encounter with a deer.  Reece told me what the driver told him, "She didn't hit the deer at all.  It hit the side of the left fender and it was a small deer and knocked it in the windshield.  The deer had difficulties getting out of the windshield and the hooves scraped the roof and rolled off the side."

Reece told me that woman's car was totaled.  The driver was okay but the deer limped away badly hurt. 

The second reason for the increase in deer versus car crashes in November is because of the switch to Daylight Saving Time.  There are more of us driving home in the dark and not keeping it slow in neighborhoods with known deer roaming around it.  Michael Seraphin put it all in perspective, " You can do everything right and you may still have a car deer collision.  You can reduce the percentage by paying attention to crossing signs, being alert and aware."

According to Parks and Wildlife experts, here are some other trouble areas with animal collisions to be prepared for when you are driving.  They include: