A somber return for students at Woodland Park High School

Graffiti threat found in the girls bathroom

A somber return for students at Woodland Park High School

WOODLAND PARK, Colo. - We were there this afternoon as students at Woodland Park High School finished their first day back. KRDO NewsChannel 13's Cinthia Maldonado is there with a look at the climate in the hallways.

A mix of emotions  at Woodland Park High School as threatening graffiti remains open. Extra security measures were noticeable but that did little to ease the fears of those on campus.

A somber return for students at Woodland Park High School. 

“The whole school seemed kind of quiet all day. It’s just really weird, creepy feeling,” says student Tanner Fosdick.

A palpable tension and sense of uncertainty walking back into the building were a threat was scribbled on a wall.

Senior Michael Ball said everyone on campus was on edge. “I walked in this morning and the first thing up was a Powerpoint about what happened, it was from the administration and I was kind of nervous. Like most of us where nervous, we didn't really know any lot of details because they haven't told us anything. It's kind of confusing."

For parents Friday wasn't any ordinary morning in the tight-knit city above the clouds.

“It was scary because they were like are we really going back to school? i was like, you know, we just have to reassure them that out officers and sheriff's department you know they want to protect our kids,” explains Donna Hinman, mother of twins.

Some parents even kept their kids home today uneasy with the culprit still on the loose. 
“I wasn't conformable with them saying they found out a little bit more information but they weren't totally sure of who the suspect is so that's kind of why i kept them home for at least one more day,” says Angela Adair.

Even though an arrest has not been made most parents we talked to say they're pleased with the way police and the district handled the threat.

“I think they're doing a good job for this community.”

“I think they're doing ok, yeah I want the person caught. You know, you can only do so much."

But with the investigation still on-going, “It's etched in everybody's mind and god forbid anything happens."

Those in Woodland Park are forced to live in uncertainty hoping their community isn't next.

Other students told KRDO, its going to take weeks if not months to put this behind them.

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