The Abeyta family handed over a petition to the district attorney's office because they say they know who kidnapped their son.

Christopher Abeyta disappeared when he was just seven months old.

His family wants a grand jury to hear the case against the woman they believe took him.

Just days after his 28th birthday and nearly three-decades after he went missing the Abeyta family says they are now putting the ball in the district attorney's court.

The family has collected over two thousand three hundred signatures. Pages filled with names from all over the world. Many people commenting on why they think the family deserves a grand jury.

Christophers oldest sister, Linnea Abeyta, says the petition is a symbol of support and the need for both answers and justice.

"They feel threatened with somebody in the community that's still out there that has done something like this. so we feel that it's our responsibility to continue not only to find Christopher but help out the community and get this person off the streets, said Linnea.

We asked the district attorney's office for comment on the Abeyta petition. They said, " The decision to call a grand jury is made in conjunction with the lead investigative agency. We work closely with the police, the lead agency in this case. The purpose of a grand jury is an investigative tool, which would not further this investigation. The case remains open & active."