Active-killer drill at Colorado Springs Christian School in Woodland Park

Active killer drill

WOODLAND PARK, Colo. - It was an active-killer drill to try to capture the horror of what it would really be like. And with the fire alarm sounding, children screaming and smoke filling the halls, it was as real as it could get.

Colorado Springs Christian Schools have security at both of their campuses.

"Our security personnel really benefit from this because they're allowed to watch they training system and their learn a lot," said Superintendent Roland DeRenzo.

But what if we could give teachers and administrators the power to protect their students? We asked what the school and law enforcement thought. 

"I am for that as long as they're properly trained and things of that nature. I think that's something that we may move towards in the future," said Ryan Halzwarth of the Woodland Park Police.

DeRenzo disagrees, saying, "I'm not sure that having teachers armed is the answer. I think that [the answer is] armed security, those who are trained, those who have been through psychological training."

And during the drill, the Woodland Park Police Department told KRDO it was trying to work on its teamwork and communication skills to ensure safety.

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