We first introduced you to Mr. Wilson, a pig up for adoption at the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region; Thursday evening…tonight he is living high on the hog on a 40 acre farm outside of Calhan.

“He’s just another dog…but he oinks,” Chris Richardson, one of his new owners said.

You would think a wide open farm like the Richardson’s would be hog heaven for Mr. Wilson, but he isn’t quite sure of what to make of the other animals.

“He’s been stuck inside a house so he’s not used to other animals,” James Richardson said.

Mr. Wilson was raised by hand inside a home in Colorado Springs, but his owner had to give him up since pigs like him aren’t allowed inside city limits.

The Richardson’s say they saw Mr. Wilson on the news and they knew he would make a perfect addition to the farm.

“I think he’ll be happy out here,” James said.  “He’s got a bunch of horses and llamas, alpacas and goats to hang out with.”