Advocate: AF Academy staffer broke religion rules

Proselytizing on the job

POSTED: 08:04 PM MST Nov 07, 2013 
OTD August 29 - Air Force Academy

A religious-freedom advocate and the Air Force Academy differ over whether an academy employee violated regulations on proselytizing by saying he would talk about his religion to co-workers.           

The academy confirmed Thursday that Allen Willoughby, an athletic trainer at the academy's preparatory school, made the statement in an email sent to activist Mikey Weinstein of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation.   

Willoughby's email states that he will "talk about Jesus Christ my Lord and savior" to everyone he works with.   

Weinstein argues that violates regulations banning Air Force leaders from promoting religious beliefs to subordinates. 

But the academy says Willoughby made the statement in a personal capacity and that no action will be taken.   

Willoughby didn't immediately respond to telephone or email messages.