Air Force Academy details government closure impacts

Chris Loveless, Digital Content Director ,
POSTED: 12:27 PM MDT Oct 01, 2013    UPDATED: 04:52 PM MDT Oct 01, 2013 

The United States Air Force Academy has released specific information about how the federal government shutdown is impacting operations.

The Academy says that of its more than 1,000 furloughed civilian employees, 450 are exempted and will continue to work in jobs pertaining to safety and security.

The Academy says that furlough decisions are dictated solely by the law, which only permit commands to direct civilians to work if they are required to continue supporting military operations or if they are required to protect DOD personnel and property.

Furloughed employees were allowed to go to work for up to four hours on Tuesday (10/1/13) to tie up any loose ends before going home. They were not permitted to work.

Specific impacts of the Government shutdown at the Air Force's Academy include, but are not limited to: