Air Force cadets rescue 2 lost hikers on Torreys Peak

U.S. AIR FORCE ACADEMY, Colo. - A group of Air Force Academy cadets set out to top a 14er in late October and ended up becoming rescuers when they found and aided two lost hikers.

According to a news release from the AFA, eight cadets and three officers were descending from Torreys Peak on Oct. 28 when they spotted two men with no food, little water, and clothes ruined by the snow.

"They were woefully unprepared for the conditions," said Lt. Col. Robert Marshall, the officer-in-charge of the AFA's Cadet Mountaineering Club. "They had lost the trail and weren't sure how to get down the mountain. They had no flashlight, map, GPS rescue beacon, or shelter."

The cadets gave the hikers extra clothing and led them back to the trailhead, where they could finish descending.

Marshall has summited Mt. Everest and several other well-known peaks. He said the club's goal is to push limits and teach lessons that can't be found in a classroom or textbook.

The cadets said being on top of the mountain "puts things into perspective for you," and that you learn "panicking is not going to help you get out the situation any quicker."

“We always talk about Warrior Ethos here at the Academy,” Marshall said. “But there is only so much talking about it before you have to go out there and practice it. Mother Nature is a really good teacher and she will always find a way to push your limits.”


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