Allergy-sufferers getting hit hard thanks to recent rain

Allergy-sufferers getting hit hard thanks to recent rain

Recent rain has prolonged and intensified the pollination of certain plants and trees, and southern Colorado is also getting inundated with pollens atypical for the state.

According to Dr. William Storms, of the William Storms Allergy Clinic, rain only eliminates air pollen for a few hours, after which time plants and trees begin to bloom.

Storms said weed pollen, which is common for this time of year, is the highest it has been in years.

He added that there is plenty impacting allergy-sufferers, that is unusual for this time of year.  Grass pollen is high, even though grass should be diminishing at this time of year.  Storms said trees that usually pollinate in the springtime are re-pollinating and mold, something Colorado does not see much of, is moderately high.

"This year is really hitting them hard.  Many people are getting secondary sinus infections, ear infections, bronchitis, asthma, skin hives, things like that," said Storms.

Storms said there are options for sufferers, including over-the-counter medications.  He advises those with allergy symptoms contact their doctor to decide which medication will be most effective.

Pollen counts will not subside until the first killing freeze, and if the weather continues to promote pollinating, then allergies could continue to worsen through the season.


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