Amazing eye witness video of Waldo Canyon flash flood

Amazing front seat video of Waldo Canyon flash flood

UTE PASS, Colo. - For the first time in his life, Ed Flanagan wasn't covering the news, he was a part of it.

 "Here comes this black wall of water down the right hand side, forming a river quickly. Here comes this car, right by me so I grab my phone and turn it on. By the time I got it it was another car so I got the second car as it came by," Flanagan said.

 A former newsman, he kept rolling as the water kept rising.

 The cars were like one ton tubes and they were carried by the current.

 "There's a two thousand pound car cruising by at 20 miles per hour, nothing you can do," Flanagan said.

 Another driver stuck on west bound highway 24 as it flooded saw even more destruction.

 "Three of the big lights flipped over with the water. Just like toothpicks falling over. Horrifying, just horrifying," said Joyce Fenlon.

 Amazingly no one has been reported as seriously hurt, although several cars had to be towed away due to water and mud damage.

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