A Black Forest resident said Tuesday that decisions made by El Paso County Commissioners on fire codes have helped him rebuild.

P.J. Langmaid lost his home in the Black Forest Fire in June. He has been waiting on a decision about proposed changes to the fire codes before breaking ground on his property along Black Forest Road.

El Paso County Commissioners approved the second reading of changes to fire codes for county fire districts. Commissioners have been meeting with fire districts, residents and home builders for three years. Commissioner Darryl Glenn said the commissioners accepted "98 percent" of the changes.

However, the commissioners did reject proposed changes that required new homes include sprinkler systems, water storage cisterns, or more fire proof building materials.

"You have people that have lost everything and you want them to stay and rebuild and you impose these new requirements on them, you're essentially preventing some people from being able to rebuild," said Glenn.

Langmaid said his road to rebuild has turned into a waiting game.

"There was some confusion as to what the new codes were going to be," said Langmaid.

One of the changes proposed by the county fire boards would require new homes above a certain size to install a sprinkler system.  Langmaid said the system would cost around $17,000. Or, Langmaid could pay a one-time fee of $5,600 to the Black Forest Fire District. 

"That's a lot of money," said Langmaid.

Langmaid said the commissioners' decision is his green light to move forward. Langmaid hopes to have his new home built by June.