5-year-old dies after hit by car; Neighbors say it's a dangerous area

Driver is arrested on reckless vehicular assault and homicide charges.

7 year old dies after hit by car

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Colorado Springs police say Ishaq Hameed was walking on the sidewalk with his dad when he was hit and killed. His father is in critical condition.

Police say the driver is 21-year-old Xyrjah Goldston. She was advised of the charges against her Tuesday. She faces charges of vehicular assault and vehicular homicide as well as a traffic misdemeanor of reckless driving. According to court documents, she was driving at more than 50 miles per hour in a 35 mile per hour zone.

Four people were in the car, including the driver. All of them were taken to the hospital.

The accident happened on Murrary Boulevard between Platte Avenue and Bijou Street.

One neighbor didn't know the little boy who lost his life, but still, we found him leaving a cross behind where the accident happened.

"I made a little cross with a little bear and a little rose on it. He's just a kid he never lived his life. I'm just like that, that's the kind of person I am," said Sylvester Gonzalez.

He's not the only one living along Murray Boulevard who isn't shocked that this happened where it did.

"People just don't want to take the time to hit their brakes. This is the consequence a little boy lost his life because of it," said Chris Andride.

Andride says he couldn't sleep last night. He saw everything.

He said more crosswalks and slow speed warning signs are desperately needed along the road.

"We had just walked from Walgreens, not 30 minutes before that happened. That could have been my whole family," said Andride.

A fence is also damaged just feet away from where the deadly accident happened. It's from another accident that happened a week ago.

Police said there have been 14 crashes there in the past two years, eight of them in 2014.

"That section of Murray has a unique road shape, it kind of has a little bit of an ‘S' turn," said Brian Ritz, with Colorado Springs Police.

He says police are aware of the problem spot, and have extra eyes in the area.

"Platte and Murray has always been one of our top accidents locations. At one time we had red light camera there to try to fix that. We got out of the red light camera business so, the reality is it's still a high problem area," said Ritz.

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