Affidavit: Robbery suspect fired shot, allegedly threatened to burn down pharmacy

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - An arrest affidavit is revealing new information about what happened inside a Colorado Springs pharmacy that police say was robbed Thursday (4/17/14).

The incident happened just after 2 p.m. at The Medicine Shoppe, 2431 N. Union Blvd.

Roy Pollette, 56, is facing charges for aggravated robbery of a controlled substance.

According to the arrest affidavit, Pollette told police he was trying to get drugs from the pharmacy after spending the night before in pain. The document says Pollette was unable to get an appointment with his doctor that morning.

The affidavit says Pollette told police that he asked an employee of the pharmacy what he needed to do to get some medications, and asked if he needed to get a gun. It says he then went outside to his car and came back with a .357 magnum and a gallon of gas and ordered the employees of the pharmacy to leave.

An employee of the pharmacy told investigators that at one point Pollette had threatened to burn the building down if she did not give him medication. Pollette denied making the threat when he was interviewed by police, however he admitted to dropping a gas can on the floor.

The affidavit says that another employee gave Pollette two full bottles and one half-full bottle of Percocet after he came in and fired a shot into the ceiling. She told police Pollette then ordered her to leave the store saying that he didn't want to hurt anyone but that he would "shoot it out with the cops."

According to the arrest papers, Pollette did admit taking a gun into the store and firing a shot into the ceiling. They say he denied pointing the gun at anyone, but that he did mention having to run employees off as they kept coming in.

The document says Pollette admitted to receiving three pill bottles from an employee which he said were left on the counter inside the pharmacy.

Pollette eventually surrendered peacefully to police.

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