Airport pot policies in a cloud of confusion

Confusion over Pot Rules in Colorado Airports

COLORADO SPRINGS, Co. - Marijuana is legal in Colorado but banned at the Denver International Airport.

DIA is the first city facility banning marijuana on all of its property despite it being legal in Colorado.

The new rule aims to keep you from taking marijuana out of Colorado because it's still illegal under federal law.

With just days away from marijuana becoming legal, it turns out not all airports have policies figured out.

We tried to get answers about flying with marijuana, and got a whole string of different responses from police, TSA agents and airport officials.

DIA is trying to clear the air- no pot allowed. But that's not the case at the pueblo airport.

"We would recommend to the passenger, if they are connecting through Denver, that Denver has some local requirements that you cannot possess marijuana on the facility. But that's strictly local enforcement, that's not currently city of Pueblo policy," said Mark Lovin, Director of Aviation at the Pueblo Airport.

But what happens to the pot if it's discovered at the Denver airport? The DIA spokesperson told us, they don't know. It's a common response we got from many officials on Monday.

"Can they legally do that? That's why you're getting everybody saying 'I don't know', because they haven't thought through all of these things. We're still waiting on clarification from TSA about if it's actually legal to fly with that possession within the state of Colorado.  We know it's illegal to transport it outside the state. But is it legal to fly within the state? That's the question that needs to be answered. If it's on one of the prohibited items list, then you can't fly with it. I have not seen it on that list," explains Lovin.

But we did. The TSA website states that both medical and non-medical marijuana is not allowed onboard commercial aircraft. It also says TSA officers don't search for marijuana; however, if an item is found that may violate federal law, they will call law enforcement.

"We will not take possession of any marijuana, they can choose to take it home with them or give it to a friend. In the past if TSA was to discover some contraband, whether that be marijuana, then they would advise the police department," said Lovin.

We spoke with Pueblo law enforcement about what they would do if someone tried to fly with the legal amount of marijuana.

At first, they said the passenger is free to go because they're not breaking any laws. But when we informed them that pot is on the' no-fly list'- they changed their tune.

As you can probably tell, we've been getting mixed answers about flying with pot. A TSA officer told us if the legal amount of pot is found on a passenger, local law enforcement decides if they can or can't fly with it.   

However Pueblo Police said the opposite- that they have to support federal law.

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